About Powertwist


The latest training tool to help develop your skating technique

  • Increase rotation speed
  • Cheated jumps?
  • Train your arms and core muscles
  • Correct upper body positioning
  • Stronger landings
  • FUN light for visual learners assists in hand & arm placement.
  • See when skater achieves correct position when light is on
  • Strengthen and train muscles at the same time


Power Twist Poster

poster 2

See the Powertwist video complete with demonstrations of how to put it on, the optional light feature, positions for jumps, spins, basic elements and moves in the field.

Powertwist Video

click the icon above or this link for the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyWkSwf4wNI&feature=plcp

Go to the “Buy Powertwist” page to order online